Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Buy in Silver

When it comes to precious metals, to buy in silver is a wise move as silver is in very short supply and the value is inevitably going to increase as a result.

Silver is used in industry well as in coinage and jewelery. Silver has excellent conductivity and thermal properties that make it ideal for various industrial and photographic uses. It is easy to work yet durable enough for constant use.

Silver is graded in the same way gold is when it comes to silver bullion such as silver coins and bars, which is to say by weight or karats but also more commonly now, by the degree of purity or fineness. Sterling silver is slightly less than pure silver as it has copper added to improve its hardness.

The price of silver is determined by supply and demand of course. There is the ‘official’ comex or paper priced of silver which is controlled by the paper markets and then there is the real or physical price of silver. The real price of silver is a lot higher than the comex or ‘silver spot price’ and, currently, there is a shortage due, in part, to less silver being dug out of the ground, as well as a percentage that gets used up and destroyed in the photographic and industrial markets.

To buy in silver, therefore, could be considered an astute investment move when one considers that with the continued short fall of silver and the increasing demand, the silver price is going to increase steadily in the future to probably unheard of heights.

Buying silver in the form if silver rounds is perhaps one of the best and most economical methods of accumulating silver. Rounds are coins manufactured by private mints and generally are not legal tender. Nevertheless they almost always contain one ounce of silver which can be traded at the prevailing physical price of silver.

Old silver coins, often called junk silver, is also a good buy as the price is not much above the spot price of silver and one can have, at hand, a ready source of value which can be traded in small amounts without the necessity of breaking up silver bars or expensive coins.

To buy in silver is indeed a wise move for the person keen to have some assets they can fall back on in potential times of need.

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