Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buy Silver Bars

Now is a good time to buy silver bars. The silver price is still low and bars can be bought for a low premium if you know where to buy them and what to buy. Knowing how to reduce your buying, transport and storage costs all play an important factor in the overall cost of investment in silver bullion bars.

There are many types of silver bars available.

Examples of some typical fabricators of silver bars include:
Royal Canadian Mint
Pan American Silver
Johnson Matthey
Perth Mint
The price you can buy silver bars for varies and is largely dependent on the size of the bar. The smaller the bar the higher the premium. The smaller bars cost more in premium than the value of the silver of course but are still worth buying. The premium on a one kilo bar is better than a 15 kilo bar. But a 15 kilo bar would be harder to sell than a one kilo bar and would mean cashing in a lot more silver if one wanted just a little cashed in. And buying silver bars close to 1000 ounces then becomes more expensive and time consuming.

So a better system is needed. Some people turn to Silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) but the disadvantage with etfs is that one is not actually buying silver but only a promise of payment on the basis that the securities company has the silver bars to back up the investment. This is often very much in question, particularly with the currently shortage of silver in the world today so efts can suffer the same issues as pooled silver, or unallocated silver, as it is also known.

Depending on your needs, it is a good idea to buy pure silver bullion in various sizes of silver bars small ones that can be cashed in easily if the need arises as well as the bigger bars for storage of assets and larger bars again for long term storage and investment. And if you can do so while reducing the problems of a high premium, transport, storage, security and reselling at a later date then you can get a good deal when you buy silver bars.

When to buy silver bars? Well now is probably the best time to buy silver bars.

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