Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where to Buy Silver Bars

To get a good deal on silver bars you need to know where to buy silver bars and also how much to pay for them.

At the time of writing, in some areas, there is a high demand and heavy shortage of silver bars. The premium has increased and there is a delay or waiting period of up to 8 weeks in many cases. Probably the best place to buy silver bars are mints and foundries depending on the size of the bars.

One can buy silver bars from foundries that cast silver bars from molten silver into silver ingots. Usually one would need to be an established client and would be buying a considerable number of silver bars as each would weigh around 1000 ounces. This would require a established storage facilities such as a bank vault and highly secure transport.

For most of us, however, the smaller one kilo, 10 kilo and perhaps a little high in size might be the way to go. These sorts of bars are primarily available from mints and silver dealers, many of which are featured on this website. You will pay a bigger premium than the cast silver ingots available from a foundry, but, by the same token, when the time comes to sell, how much you get will reflect the true value of silver.

Probably having a good selection of varying sizes would be a good way to go. If you want to cash in some silver at some time in the future you may not want to cash in a lot or all you have, so having some smaller bars would be very handy. If you want to cash in a larger amount you simply select one of the larger bars to cash in. This way you can utilise the value in your silver when you need it without having to sell all just to obtain a smaller amount of cash.

Typical sized bars that are available include:
1000 oz
100 oz
50 oz
10 oz
5 oz
2 oz
1 oz
1000 gram
500 gram
As it is very likely that silver will increase in value as time goes on this means that you can retain more of the value of your silver even if you do have to cash some in times of need.

It is a good idea to scout around and check the dealers and do a comparison, not just in their price for silver bars, but also their cost of shipping, insurance and other factors. In some cases there might be tax to figure into the total cost as silver bars, unlike circulation coins, are considered an investment in some quarters.

When it comes to spending your hard earned money, there is nothing like doing some research and finding out just exactly where to buy silver bars to get the best deal.

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