Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buy Silver Now

Buy silver now it is often said, and with good reason.

Silver is one of the most popular of precious metals and has been used in coinage by many nations over the years.

It is also used extensively in industry and photography, due to its conductivity and thermal properties as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Silver is also use in jewelry as well as coinage for decorative purpose as well as value.

When it comes to coinage and jewelry, silver is graded in much the same way as gold. That is by how fine or pure it is and by the weight or Karat.

Because it is used so much in industry and photography there is, unlike gold, a loss each year and, coupled with the shortage and value placed upon it, the price continues to increase on a long term basis and hence the mantra, buy silver now.

The spot silver price does not appear to reflect the real value of physical silver so this may not be immediately appreciated. That is until one tries to buy silver on the physical market, when one can quickly find out that silver is a little harder to come by and more valuable than the spot price leads us to believe.

Of the many types of physical silver that can be available, silver rounds are probably the best to buy as they are pure silver, have a smaller premium than many other silver products and are easy to store and sell when the need arises.

Silver rounds are silver coins produced by private mints and so the coins are not legal tender in the same way coins produced by government mints are. This does not matter as one is not going to use such coins as legal tender. Silver rounds hold their value and, as the price of silver increases, they increase in value and make an excellent way of keeping ones assets safe. You can also sell them in the future in quantities as low as one ounce of silver at a time. Its inevitable the current shortage of silver will continue into the future and the demand for one ounce silver rounds is likely to be extremely high as demand continues outstrip the rate at which mints can produce them. When the general public wakes up to the demise of all paper currencies and the sky rocketing silver prices, a single one ounce silver round will fetch a silver price far higher than the spot silver price at the time or perhaps even be able to be exchanged for goods and services directly.

So if you can buy silver rounds then, you will be able to accumulate silver at a good silver price, as the shortage of silver is only likely to continue, then this is really the best time to buy silver now.

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