Monday, December 15, 2008

Buy Cheap Silver

Now is always the time to buy cheap silver.

The real price of silver is likely to increase as the demand increases and the economy becomes more and more uncertain. So it is a good idea to buy silver on a regular basis. This way, the price you pay for silver evens out over time and becomes the cheapest way to buy silver. Silver is very much in demand and the price is likely to increase over time. But whatever the price, the cost of the silver will always average out in regular long term buying.

Of course, the more you buy at any one time the less the premium, dealer costs and shipping you have to pay for and the closer to the spot price you will pay. The spot price is the listed current rate for silver on the exchanges and is called the comex price(Commodity Exchange, New York - the spot price you see daily). However, keep in mind that the price for actual silver can be different to the spot price depending on the amount of silver available. Currently the spot price does not reflect the demand for silver which is higher and you can expect to pay more for actual silver than the spot price.

One can buy cheap silver bullion in the form of coins and bars. Having some coins to sell means that one can sell small amounts of silver as needed without having to convert large bars if one wants to sell silver quickly. But having the larger bars is also a good idea as a safe haven for storing ones assets. Conversely you can sell silver for more than the spot price as the demand is high. This is important if one needs to sell silver in times of need.

But to buy cheap silver you have to take into account the entire cost you pay for silver. The cost of the silver itself, the premium, dealer charges, shipping insurance, all play a part in the overall cost.

One should always you buy silver from an authorized mint or dealer so it pays to do some informed study and research to find out all about the dealer you are buying from. Are they a bona fide dealer? Are they easily contactable. What are their terms of service etc.

Spending some time doing good research and study, doing some due diligence and searching around among the dealers. This is the best way to buy cheap silver.

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