Sunday, March 29, 2009

Buy Bulk Silver

Silver is still cheap enough that one can buy bulk silver on a regular basis.

Buying bulk silver is not hard to do. What is bulk silver. Well bulk silver could be considered any quantity of silver over one piece, such as one coin or a small bar. Buying say, 5 kilos could be considered bulk silver.

One can buy bulk silver in the form of silver coins. Bulk silver coins can be bought in bags from one kilo up to 10 kilos and possibly more. Such coins are usually early silver dollars that have a quantity of silver in them. They are often worn and do not have that pristine look that proof coins or new silver bullion coins or silver rounds have, but one is buying these silver coins for the silver content, not for how pretty they are.

But if one cannot afford to buy so much silver in one hit, then a good idea is to buy smaller quantities on a regular basis. When you buy silver periodically, say weekly or monthly, the price you pay will even out over the long term.

Silver is likely to rise as the economy deteriorates and more and more people seek safe havens for their assets. Unlike gold, which does not get used up, much of the silver extracted is used up and cannot be recovered. With less silver being dug out of the ground this means that the quantity of silver available for investment will decrease over time and so the value will naturally increase.

As silver is a lot cheaper by the ounce than gold, it is far easier to accumulate and so can make an ideal investment to put some of one’s assets into.

So one can accumulate bulk silver just by purchasing a few ounces each month, depending on what one can afford. Silver has the added advantage that it can easily be sold in times of need and if you have your silver in small lots, such as silver rounds, or coins or even small bars, then you do not have to break a large bar to access a smaller quantity of funds.

If one can buy bulk silver there is also the added advantage of a smaller premium to pay. As a general rule the larger quantity of silver one can buy at any one time, the smaller the premium per ounce or kilo one pays.

It pays also to do a good search around and find out what is available in silver and how much the premium is. The more research one does the better the odds of finding a good bargain.

As I said, it is not hard to buy bulk silver, it just requires a little work and the rewards can be very satisfactory.

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