Monday, March 30, 2009

Where to Buy Silver American Eagles

Many people are asking lately, where to buy American Silver Eagles.

The US Mint has recently decided to ration the production and shipment of silver American Eagles and many of the silver coin dealers will have a shortage of the latest issues. These fine silver coins get snapped up very quickly by numismatics and hobby coin enthusiasts as well as those seeking silver in whatever form they can buy it.

The American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the USA. It was first struck in November 1986 and has been a popular silver coin ever since. You can only get one ounce silver eagles and these carry a face value of one US dollar although the silver content is going to me much more than that.

It is the only coin authorised by the US government and can also be used to fund IRAs (Individual Retirement Funds). There is also a proof version for numismatics and coin collectors. The Silver Eagle has been traditionally produced at three mints. The Philadelphia mint the San Francisco mint and the mint at West Point in New York.

It is still possible to buy earlier American silver eagles if one looks around and does some research.

Some dealers still have earlier issues such as the 2006,2007 and 2008. It is also possible to buy on auction sites such as eBay. One does need to satisfy oneself the seller is bona fide of course. Picking a power seller with heaps of positive feedback is a must. Ensuring that the seller is there and find out where the coin is. It should be in your country and not overseas. You can ask the seller questions before you bid to help satisfy these questions.

Dealers that still have some silver American eagles will have a premium on them of course. If you check the various dealers you can find out who has the lowest premium and therefore reduce your costs.

Make sure the dealer is a genuine dealer. If it is one you have dealt with in the past this will not be an issue but for a new dealer, check out who they are and where they are located. Are they easily contactable? Do they have a policy where you can return goods you find were not as described on their site.

For investment purposes silver rounds are usually much better buy, evens small bars, but many people like the look and the presentation that a American silver eagle has and prefer to collect those.

Whatever you like it is not hard to find where to buy American silver eagles if you are determined enough.

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