Saturday, April 25, 2009

Buy Wholesale Silver

In Thailand, especially in Khao San Road in Bangkok, there is a thriving silver trade with masses of silver shops. All types of silver items can be bought here - earrings, necklaces, bracelets. They all do brisk business and sell lots of silver. However this is not the best way to buy wholesale silver. This is almost all jewelery silver so is in the form of chains, earrings necklaces etc and there is no guarantee that the silver is pure. It is a very much bargain for over the counter trade and tourists can be spotted at 600 yards.

But for the person serious about preserving their assets with silver, one of the best ways to buy wholesale silver is junk silver coin bags.

Many dealers sell ‘bags’ of silver coins. These are mostly mixed bags of pre 1964 US silver dimes with the occasional eagle thrown in.

One can get lots of 500 US silver dimes, 1000 silver dimes and more. Usually they are mixed dates pre 1964 and the coins will contain about 40% silver.

Also available are silver quarters and ever liberty dollar coins.

A good buy is always the 10 kilo bags of silver coins. The silver content in these bags usually amounts to about 5 kilos of silver in old coins. These bags are limited of course as such coins are not minted anymore so once all the bags are sold the only time you will get one is when they come back on the market. As many people like to preserve their assets in silver this way that could be a long wait. The cost of silver wholesale this way will have a mark up, but compared to the potential increase in silver over the coming years, this is nominal.

Buying silver coins wholesale is also a good way to stock up on silver for a rainy day. Many people stock up on silver with a view to not being caught with their pants down in these economic times and, at the same time, like to have fun sorting out those old quarters and dimes and even eagles. Besides, you never know what you might find when you buy silver coins wholesale in this manner.

Another method of course is buying silver bullion in the larger bars such as ten and fifteen kilo bars. The advantage here is the lower premium on the bars. The disadvantage is the shipping, delivery, storage and insurance costs.

Whatever type of silver bullion you buy, buying wholesale silver is definitely the way to go!

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