Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buy a Bag of Silver Coins

An excellent way to buy silver is to buy a bag of silver coins. Especially the old US silver coins prior to 1964.

Sometimes called 'junk silver' these are actually a very good way of buying silver since the value of silver has increased over the years. These coins now have a significant value and, as there is a limited supply, the demand has shot up.
The silver content in these coins is around forty to ninety percent so a bag of these silver coins can be worth almost their weight in ... silver!

For example. A dollar (face value) of silver dimes weight in the same as one dollar in silver quarters with the same silver content. It also weighs the same as one dollar in silver half dollars. Ten dimes, four quarters or 2 halves, then, all have the same weight and are composed of 90 percent silver. A typical silver dollar face value coin contains around 71 percent of pure silver. So the coin, regardless of condition, is worth more for the silver content than for the face value.

These coins, by the way, are also still legal tender and still have purchasing power.

So buying bags of silver coins can be a great investment. Besides, if the value of silver did drop, unlikely given the severe shortage, then the proportionate loss of value of the bag would be less. In other words, your coins would still have the legal tender value.

You can still buy bags of silver coins to a face value of one thousand dollars. Sometimes smaller bags are available also. In fact it is possible, with some patient research, to buy bags down to 200, 100 and even 50 dollars face value per bag. A fifty dollar face value bag, including the mark up or premium, would likely cost around 400-500 dollars and in that bag would be a mixed variety of pre 1964 silver coins with a silver content of around 90 percent.

If you get such a bag it would be worth while checking each coin as it is still possible to find a valuable silver Morgan in the bag.

Regardless of the movement of paper currency, the stability of silver ensures that one’s asset is more secure when you buy a bag of silver coins.

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