Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pure Silver

When you buy silver always ensure it is pure silver and not a mix with other metals. It is not common but it is possible for silver to be adulterated with other metals, especially if the silver has been reconstituted from scrap.

Pure Silver Coins

Many countries produce one ounce or similar silver coins. If you want to buy silver coins then it is a good idea to stick to the established coins such as the US Silver eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda or British Sovereign or coins issued by the West Australian Perth Mints. Generally coins from government issued, sponsored or approved mints are safe also.

There are special coins issued for a particular occasion including weddings, such as the late Princess Diana to such diverse subjects as Marylyn Monroe naked. Seems there is no subject out of bounds when it comes to silver coins. There are many silver coin sets one can collect such as the Australian Kookaburra silver coin set for example which features a different coin each year. Others include Somali Monkeys, Mexican 1 Onza Plata Pura and many hundreds more. Sizes of the coins can range from one ounce to up to a kilo or more in size.

As with any purchase it is a case of buyer beware and some due diligence when dealing with sellers on line is a wise move. Always buy your silver coins from a reputable dealer or from a mint directly, and check the quality of the coins are near proof, proof or brilliant uncirculated and are exactly as is stated in the promo. Ensure also the coins are sealed in the original container and have a certificate to go with them.

Silver Bullion Bars
Silver bullion is also a good idea and one can buy silver in amounts from one ounce up to 15 or 16 kilogram bars. Again pick a reputable dealer or mint and ensure the bar is stamped with the manufacturer, the quality of the silver, which should be .999. The weight should also be stamped and there should be a number on the bar which is reflected in the invoice or a certificate. Some of the major manufacturers of silver bullion bars include:

Pamp Suisse
Perth Mint, US mint,
Royal Canadian Mint
Pan American Silver
Johnson Matthey
Perth Mint
Among others.

There are advantages to having silver bars of various sizes. The larger the bar you buy the less premium you pay. You get the bar at closer to the price on the day, but you have to factor in bigger shipping costs and insurance into the price also. With smaller bars, the shipping costs is a lot less, due naturally to the weight, but the premium is higher due to manufacturing costs, handling and so on.

Depending on your circumstances, it is a good idea to have some bars in various sizes. The smaller bars and coins that can be cashed in quickly in times of need as well as larger bars for asset storage. In any event, with the silver price rising steadily, having some pure silver is definitely the way to go

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